An altercation between a man and wife at Cricket Wireless in town lead to the man being arrested for a variety of charges including battery and public drunkenness.

On September 11th, Summerville City Police Officers were dispatched to Cricket Wireless located on Rome Boulevard in regards to a dispute that had turned physical. Officers on scene met with Samantha Timmons and were informed that the other party, Eddie Timmons had left the scene on foot, heading toward Highway 114. Officers caught up with Eddie Timmons at the Pay-N-Tote on Highway 114 who stated that he and his wife, Samantha had went to the Cricket Wireless location to turn off his phone. According to Mr. Timmons, he had paid Mrs. Timmons $10 to keep his phone, however when he had tried to get it back from her, she threw it across the store. Mr. Timmons further stated that he had never touched Mrs. Timmons during this altercation. Officers observed that Mr. Timmons speech was slurred and Timmons admitted to drinking half of a 40 ounce beer.

After informing Mr. Timmons that witnesses to the altercation stated that he had indeed touched Mrs. Timmons and that she had marks that matched with the story, Mr. Timmons was placed under arrest. He was transported to the Chattooga County Jail without further incident. Timmons was charged with disorderly contact, public drunkenness, and battery.

From AM 1180