This past weekend a protest was held for Jonathon Smith, regarding changing the venue of his upcoming court case.   Smith was a businessman who was shot and killed on October 25th, 2020, allegedly by his friend, Cody Daniell.

According to sources,. Smith and his wife was visiting the residents of Daniell when the unforeseen circumstances took place.  Reports said that Daniell shot an unarmed Smith; emergency responders were immediately notified and dispatched.

Upon arrival, they discovered Smith with a serious gunshot wound and his wife at his side attempting to attend to him. The responders then loaded Smith into the ambulance, and he was quickly rushed to the hospital.

Smith later died as the result of the gunshot wound.

Cody Daniell was arrested and charged with aggravated assault via gun and murder and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers.

The protest was held bt Smith’s family and citizens are concerned about the fairness in the upcoming trial and has requested a change in venue since Cody Daniell is a local Bartow County attorney.

Smith’s family requested a change of the court venue so they could rest assured that there would be no favored sides and the trial had the upmost fairness as anyone deserves.

The District Attorney’s office responded stating that a venue change is impossible unless the defendant or a judge requests a change in the location. Therefore, the option of changing the venue rests solely with the decision of a Bartow County judge.