Aubrey Courtland Floyd Sr, 45 of Rome, is facing an assortment of drug charges after he was taken into custody at the Relax Inn on Martha Berry Boulevard following the execution of a search warrant in which police found a large amount of drugs.  Reports added that he was then able to sneak drugs into the jail.

Police said that a search of the room led police to find over 2 grams of heroin along with digital scales, packaging materials, methamphetamine, synthetic marijuana, Gabapentin tablets, digital scales and smoking devices.

Officers added that Floyd attempted to flush the drugs down the toilet upon entering the room.

After arriving at the jail he was allegedly found with a bag of heroin and marijuana in his mouth.  He is then accused of attempting to spit the bag of marijuana and heroin into a booking room trash can. 

Floyd is charged with possession of meth, possession of synthetic narcotics, possession of dangerous drugs, possession of synthetic marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of drug-related objects, tampering with evidence, crossing a guard line with drugs, possession of marijuana, possession of heroin, possession of heroin with intent to distribute.