Rome City Schools recognized Mallory Elizabeth Rogers for receiving the Distinguished Gifted Teen Award during their monthly school board meeting on March 9, 2021.

Mallory received this award on March 1, 2021 from the Georgia Association for Gifted Children (GAGC). As

one of only two students in the state to be recognized by GAGC for her academic achievements. Part of this honor includes a $500 scholarship to the college or university of her choice.

“I am very excited to be named as one of two students in the state for this award,” Mallory said. “I think this honor will lead to other opportunities in the future. The scholarship will help me pay for college when I enroll in the fall. My mother and my aunt are both gifted teachers, so they were extremely helpful during the application process. Both of my parents have always been supportive.”

Mallory gave credit to her Rome City Schools teachers, and their approach to education.

“All of my teachers are a huge part of my study habits and opening the door for more opportunities like this award.”