Christopher Brandon Veal, age 32, has been booked into the Walker County Jail  on a charge of murder, according to Sheriff Steve Wilson.

The charge resulted from an incident ten years ago at a residence in Rossville, where Veal was babysitting his girlfriend’s three month old child.  Veal violently shook the infant causing severe and irreversible brain damage.  He was charged and later convicted of Cruelty to a child in 1st degree.

The child died in 2017 while Veal was serving a twelve year prison sentence.  An autopsy, conducted by the G.B.I. crime lab, showed that the child’s death was caused by “shaken baby syndrome.”

Veal was scheduled to be released from prison in February 2021, prompting the arrest and booking on the new murder charge.  He is being held without bond in Walker County Jail.