Quintin Lee Sisk, 33 of Rome, was jailed this week after he allegedly seriously injured a small child and failed to get them help for several days.

Reports said that Sisk grabbed the hand/wrist of a three month old child and forcefully pulled them. After getting the child medical help three days later it was discovered that the child had suffered a broken humorous bone. Reports added that Sisk acknowledged that the injury occurred days prior to seeking medical help.

Sisk is charged with first degree cruelty to children and 2nd degree cruelty to children.

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Quentin Lee Sisk, 33 of Rome, was arrested this week on Riverbend Drive this week after reports said he was found with methamphetamine after shoplifting lottery tickets from the Circle K on shorter Avenue.

Reports said that Sisk stole $4,039 worth of lottery tickets while employed as a clerk of the store.

While being taken into custody he was found in possession of a glass pipe containing meth residue.

Sisk is charged with felony theft by shoplifting, possession of meth and possession of drug related objects.