The Bartow County College and Career Academy (in cooperation with Cartersville Medical Center) determined that Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence [henceforth referred to as ICARE] were the traits that we most wanted our interns to focus on as they transition from secondary education to the workforce. In fact, these traits are identical to the work ethic expectations held by Cartersville Medical Center and many other industries in Cartersville and Bartow County. 

In the second year of implementing ICARE as a work ethic framework, it is absolutely vital that we make a significant statement about how much we appreciate and recognize the efforts of interns striving to make these commitments a part of their daily conduct. The Academy is currently seeking donations to obtain prizes and incentives for our interns who display our ICARE standards throughout the school day. Our hope is to use the prizes obtained through these donations to solidify our students’ commitment to exhibiting professional conduct.

Interns receiving awards are going to be recognized in a public way, including but not limited to times such as: end of the month ICARE Shout Outs, during ICARE assemblies, cook outs and other events, as well as at The Academy Awards (which is our school’s awards ceremony near the end of both the fall and the spring semester).

By supporting the ICARE program and the recognition of our interns you are helping to create a more positive school climate, a more effective learning environment and a more productive workforce for our community.

Thank You for Your consideration, 
Paul Sabin, Ed.D
Chief Executive Officer

Bartow County College & Career Academy Board Members
Cam Parker, Chair
Marcy Smith, Vice Chair
Michelle Boyce
Kellen Cloud
Kim Denton
Jean Howington
Bryan James
Phoebe Stieber
Debbie Underkoffler