All residents of the City of Rome must “shelter at their place of residence”. They can only “leave their residence for essential activities, essential government functions or to operate essential business.  Homelessness are exempt from this, but are urged to obtain shelter.  

All non essential business are required to cease all activities are required to cease.

All travel on foot, bicycle, scoters, motorcycle, automobile or public transit is prohibited.

Definitions and exemptions:

Essential activities: performing task essential to their health and safety (obtaining medical supplies, food, pet supplies, household consumer products, products necessary to maintain safety, sanitation and essential operation of residences.

Must maintain “6 feet away” while walking, hiking, running, golfing, tennis and bicycling.

Residences may leave their homes to work or obtain healthcare services. Healthcare services DO NOT include fitness and exercise gyms and similar facilities.

Citizens can leave the homes to provide services to the operations and work of “essential infrastructure” including: construction, airport operations, water, sewer, gas, electrical, oil refining, roads and highways, public transportation, solid waste removal, internet and telecommunications.

Who are “Essential businesses”:

Healthcare operations, infrastructure, pharmacy, drug stores, grocery stores, certified farmers market, produce stands, supermarkets, food banks, convenience stores, retail sale of canned food, dry goods, fresh fruit, pet supplies, meats, fish and poultry and household consumer products, food cultivation, businesses that provide food, shelter and social services, newspaper, television, radio and other media services, auto sales, gas stations, auto supply, auto repair and related facilities, banks and financial institutions, hardware stores, plumbers, electrians, exterminators, contractors, and other services maintaining safety, sanitation and essential operation of residences, activities and businesses, mail and shipping services, educational institutions (including private K12, colleges and university provided social distancing is maintained, laundromats, drycleaners and laundry service, restaurants that prepare and serve food, businesses that supply products needed to work from home, manufacturers that supply other businesses with support or supplies, businesses that ship or deliver good or goods directly to homes, airlines, taxis, car rental or other transportation providers, home based care for seniors, adults or children, residential facilities including hotels, motels or rental units, professional services such as real estate services, accounting or legal services, childcare facilities must maintain social distancing, business that posses a liquor package license, retain beer or wine stores, manufactures, distribution centers, food processors, food product manufacturers, flour mills, similar industrial facilities and members of the Greater Rome Existing Industry Association that carry out social distancing.

Essential Travel – any travel related to governmental functions, essential business, travel to care for elderly, minors dependents, persons with disabilities, or vulnerable persons, travel to and form educational institutions for purpose of receiving materials for distance learning, travel to return to a place of residence from outside the jurisdiction.

The Rome City Police Department will monitor and any business violating the provisions are subject to “general penalty”.