Redmond Regional Medical Center has protocols in place to care for patients with infectious diseases, and we have been working diligently to ensure we are prepared for potential issues related to COVID-19. Today, Redmond received notification of a positive test result for COVID-19. Since March 8th, there have been six patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 (three, of which, were stable for discharge home following CDC and Public Health guidance for self-quarantine). To date, five patients have tested negative. There are 25 patients pending test results. We are following infection prevention protocols for COVID-19 patients, including isolation, to help ensure the safety of our colleagues, patients and visitors, and we continue to work closely with the CDC and the Georgia Department of Public Health.

According to Tim Harrington, EMA director, Floyd medical center list 2 current patients that have tested positive, 10 under investigation and 1 patient has transferred.

Redmond Regional Medical Center says they will continue to send out notifications to the media, while Floyd Medical Center has directed all questions to the EMA.