The City of Summerville continues passing out free drinking water to customers of the city’s water system and at the same time, they are trying to resolve the problem that arose when Federal regulations changed and the city was forced to issue an advisory to stop drinking water from the city’s water supply.

City officials say on January 30, 2020, sample results came back showing combined levels of PFOA and PFOS in the finished water from the Raccoon Creek treatment plant. Those results were above the U.S. EPA Health Advisory Level.

Restaurants in Summerville have been hit hard since the advisory was issued.  Many restaurants have been forced to stop selling coffee and tea, serving ice and are relying on canned drinks and bottled water to serve to their customers.  Also, restaurants are having to bring in water for food-prep.  Others, have closed their doors and are hoping for a quick end to the water situation.

Summerville City Manager Janice Galloway told WZQZ News on Wednesday afternoon that the city has brought in an additional 6,500 gallon tanker-full of drinkable water that is free to anyone who wants to bring containers – including restaurants.  Also, Ms. Galloway said that County Commissioner Jason Winters has issued an emergency declaration that would allow the Red Cross and others to step in and assist with providing water to city water customers.

Galloway said that with the emergency declaration, the city could get smaller tanker trucks and have them parked at the nursing home and schools to provide water to those institutions.

As far as a solution, Galloway says that the city is talking with Calgon about a carbon filter for the water treatment plant and the city is also looking at the possibility of renting a unit to get the system back up to meet Federal standards.

In the meantime, customers of the city’s water system can still go by City Hall and get free bottled water and free water from the tanker trucks, if they bring their own containers.

Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters issued a “State of Emergency ” on Wednesday.

From AM 1180