Conservative Republican John Cowan today vowed that as a member of Congress, he would vigorously fend off Democrats’ attacks on the Second Amendment, while specifying pro-gun rights legislation that he would champion.

“Democrats in Washington are fighting to limit our 2nd Amendment rights and take away our guns,” said Cowan. “The Founders considered the right to bear arms second only to our rights to free speech and religion, and I believe that’s because the 2nd Amendment is fundamental to protecting and preserving all our other God-given rights as Americans. As the representative for the 14th District, I will not only fight efforts to curtail our constitutional rights, but also lead the charge to expand our rights.”

In Congress, John Cowan will:

  • Oppose unconstitutional “Red Flag” laws. While an advocate for better mental health care in America, John cannot support any law that robs Americans of their constitutional rights without due process based on the subjective opinions of friends, family or a colleague. These laws could lead to rampant abuse, government overreach and an erosion of personal liberty.
  • Oppose efforts to ban so-called “assault weapons.” Although the leftist media claims otherwise, the Clinton-era “assault weapon ban” had no impact on crime, according to government studies. In fact, murder rates were higher during the ban, which ended in 2004. Violent crime is at a historic low while ownership of the rifles the Left has dubiously deemed “assault weapons” is at an all-time high.
  • Support Concealed Carry Reciprocity legislation. Our Second Amendment rights should not disappear at state lines. John supports the federal Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act to allow citizens to carry or possess concealed firearms in other states that also allow concealed carry. 
  • Oppose efforts to limit “large” ammunition magazines. Many common handguns and rifles used for self-defense have ammunition magazines of at least 10 rounds, exceeding the arbitrary size restriction the Democrats continue to seek. 
  • Oppose efforts to use tax dollars to conduct biased firearm studies by liberal universities. Federal funding to the CDC should not be allocated to research by leftist institutions that advocate or promote gun control policies. John will not allow taxpayer dollars to be spent to advance Democrats’ political objectives.

“Voters in northwest Georgia are rightfully worried about the extreme leftist agenda pushed by Speaker Pelosi, and they want and deserve a representative who’ll never tire in his defense of our liberties,” Cowan said. “I will fight for our values in Congress, and my constituents will never have to wonder where I stand on these important rights.”

Cowan is a Life Member of the NRA and has been endorsed by law enforcement leaders across northwest Georgia including Floyd County Sheriff Tim Burkhalter and Polk County Sheriff Johnny Moats.