Rome Police are searching for suspects in three reported armed robberies that occurred within hours of each other late Saturday and early Sunday.

Reports said that the initial robbery occurred just before midnight Sunday when two black males, armed with guns went onto the Stop and Go store on Calhoun Avenue.  The suspects allegedly stole $1,900 in cash and eight cartons of Newport cigarettes.

Then around 3 am a black male went into the Circle K at Five Points with a silver handgun and stole $200 from the cash register.

Close to an hour and a half later a male went into the Circle K on Garden Lakes Blvd with a silver handgun and stole $70.89.  He also allegedly tried to get the clerk to open the safe before she told him that she could not.   The suspect then searched the back office and found a $20 bill before leaving the store.

The clerk described the suspect as a black male with big eyebrows and “brown buckeyes.”