The Georgia Governor’s Office of Student Achievement calculates an annual Turnaround Eligible Schools list consisting of schools whose three-year average College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) score is in the bottom five percent of the state.

As outlined in House Bill 338 in 2017, the state’s Chief Turnaround Officer will select a subset of schools for intervention from the Turnaround Eligible Schools list.

The 2019 list was released in December and includes all schools with a three-year CCRPI average of 57.0 and below. It has 105 schools from 38 districts, which consists of 59 elementary schools, 22 middle schools, and 17 high schools.

Anna K. Davie Elementary is included on the 2019 list as being eligible for intervention.

Dr. Leslie Dixon, Director of School Improvement for Rome City Schools said, “While we are concerned about Anna K. Davie’s inclusion on the Turnaround Eligible Schools list, we have seen improvement in their CCRPI score each year, which is the result of the hard work that the teachers, students, parents, community and administration have invested in the school.

“Out of the 105 schools on the Turnaround Eligible List,” Dr. Dixon added, “Anna K. Davie Elementary was one of only 12 schools whose CCRPI scores improved each year, increasing from 55.5 in 2017 to 56.3 in 2018 and increasing again to 58.3 in 2019. This upward trajectory indicates that the work we are doing is having a positive effect on student achievement. Rome City Schools has also created a District Plan of Support for Anna K. Davie which includes additional evidence-based resources and programs that are specifically chosen to address areas of concern with student achievement within the school. Because of Anna K. Davie’s continued improvement, we do not anticipate that they will be selected for interventions by the Chief Turnaround Officer. We are excited at the growth we are seeing at Anna K. Davie and look forward to their continued progress and success.”