Rebecca Shugart – daughter, sister, wife, proudest mother, Scrabble fanatic, committed and engaged citizen, gardener, flea market virtuoso, beachside camper, hiker, Berry College eagle superfan – passed away last Thursday at the age of 69.

She is survived by her mother Juliet, sister Sally, nephew Wilsonn, husband John, and daughter Ilse.

John, a moustachioed master woodworker, and Rebecca met in a six-hour line at the DMV: she had come prepared with a chaise lounge folding chair and sun hat, he with nothing. They really “cut it up,” laughing and talking the whole time. She was gorgeous, sarcastic, and fun. Her sense of humor was dry with a bit of cheese and peppered with puns. John will forever be smitten.

Rebecca loved and supported their daughter Ilse, hand-sewing obscure Halloween costumes, and despite knowing nothing about soccer, coaching Ilse’s youth team which would have otherwise folded. She volunteered at daycare and sacrificed to put Ilse through Barry College Elementary and Rice University. Ilse is now an Assistant Professor of Astronomy at The University of Virginia. You should have seen the pride in Rebecca’s eyes the first Thanksgiving she greeted Ilse with “hello, Professor.”

In her go-go younger days Rebecca managed the dinner theater for the Sandpiper Restaurant in Atlanta, carrying a small Magnum pistol for protection as she ferried the cash home late at night. In retirement, she kept up with the news, volunteered in neighborhood association and canvassed for the 2010 Census, an institution she valued at the highest level. She played up to fifty games of computer Scrabble at any time and was always the fourth contestant on Jeopardy.

In accordance with her wishes, her ashes will be scattered in the Georgia mountains. Rest in peace among the eagles, Rebecca. We love you. 

Henderson & Sons Funeral Home, North Chapel, makes this announcement for the family.