Days after his wife was arrested for attacking a reporter during a budget hearing, Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters has barred cameras and video recording devices in the commissioner’s office.

A local reporter saw Winter’s wife Abby dump soda on her head after asking questions about the budget and where money has gone.

According to reports the policy has “always” been in effect but just has never been enforced.

Winters has claimed to be “committed to an open and accessible county government”.

Winters, who is Chattooga County’s only commissioner, has scheduled a meeting this Friday to adopt the upcoming budget.


Summerville Police arrested wife of Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters, Abby Winters, late last week after she allegedly attacked a reporter during a county budget meeting.

Reports said that Abby Winters dumped an entire fountain drink over the head of All-on-News reproter Casie Bryant before stating that she “deserved that”.

Video also showed that Commissioner Winters stated that Bryant “deserved it” as well.

Winters later claimed that it was an accident and that she tripped.

Reports stated that Bryant had made a post on social media about the commissioner and his wife going to Europe prior to the county budget meeting.

Abby Winters turned herself into law enforcement charges of simple battery and disorderly conduct.

Below is the video of the incident from All-on-Georgia

WZQZ, AM1180 and All-on-News contributed to this report