Scotty Hamilton, 42 of Summerville, was arrested this week after police said they found methamphetamine inside of his panties.

Police stated that they stopped Hamilton near a church on Susie Lane to question him about a dispute that had taken place.

Officers said that while speaking with Hamilton he began to act nervous.  It was then, after the officer saw two pocket knives, a search of Hamilton was conducted.  

The officer noted that Hamilton kept protecting his crotch region by leaning against the patrol car.

Hamilton allegedly admitted to having something in his crotch, but then later sated that he had a hernia.

A search was conducted and police stated that they discovered that Hamilton had a bulge inside the pink women panties he was wearing.

Police added that they had Hamilton lift up his stomach to give them a better view of the bulge.  Officers stated that the bulge ended up being a small plastic bag containing methamphetamine.    

Hamilton is charged with possession of meth, criminal trespassing and public intoxication.