It’s that time of year again – time to start holiday shopping!  Did you know that with credit cards, you can earn rewards points on those holiday purchases?  Depending on your credit card and its reward program, you can redeem these reward points for all kinds of cool items, travel, or even cold, hard cash.  If you plan correctly, you can even use your reward points to “purchase” holiday gifts!  Some folks even save up their reward points and redeem them for hotel stays and cruises!  The possibilities are endless.

Just remember, when you are happily swiping/inserting that card, those charges add up! Be sure to stick to your holiday spending budget so that you don’t have to face the holiday hangover that inevitably follows overspending. You should only use a credit card to spend an amount you can completely pay off before the end of the month to avoid interest charges. Let’s face it, those rewards aren’t really rewards if you’re paying for them several times over through interest charges.

Now, if you don’t already have a great credit card, Coosa Valley Credit Union has some terrific options, all of which are simple, honest cards that are totally free of ridiculous fees that have become so common with banks and credit card companies.

Are you ready to start earning free stuff just for buying things you would anyway? Click here to learn more about CVCU’s card options and get rewarded!