Rome City Commission candidate Charles Love has announced that he is withdrawing for the race, citing past legal problems and his serving time in a Tennessee prison.  

Love had announced his intention to seek the Ward 1 seat on the commission last week on the steps of the City Auditorium.

In a statement, Love said, “since offering my candidacy, a provision of the prior Article II of the State Constitution, with which I was not familiar, has been raised as an issue to bar my candidacy. In addition to the requirement that rights must have been restored, Article II requires that at least 10 years must have elapsed since completion of any sentence. That will occur within several months.

“Several highly respected attorneys have advised that valid legal arguments could be presented that I should be permitted to continue my campaign. My sole purpose is to serve my community, especially its children, in any way I can, and in no way contribute to strife and division because of this provision…. Therefore, I have withdrawn as a candidate for the Rome City Commission.”

Love was joined by incumbents Bill Irmshcher, Milton Slack and Sundai Stevenson as well as challengers Jim Bojo and Mark Cochran for the Post 1 seat.

The Ward 3 race features incumbents Bill Collins and Craig McDaniel. They are joined by challengers Bonnie Askew, Jamie Palmer and J.J. Walker Seifert.  Incumbent Evie McNiece did not qualify.

The three candidates in each race with the most votes win a seat on the city commission.

CVN has learned that a second candidate listed above will drop out of the race within the next few days.