Redmond Regional Medical Center’s Frankie Matthews was requested to help aide and help prepare the hospital’s EMS crew for the devastation that looms with Hurricane Dorian.

Redmond Regional Hospital COO John Quinlivan said, “I want to make you all aware that as HCA prepares for Hurricane Dorian and the impact it could have on our Florida hospitals and the communities they serve, the Corporate EOC called and requested our own Frankie Matthews come to Nashville and fly with the Corporate EOC team to Miami where he’ll serve as on site lead for EMS coordination. “

Quinlivan added, “They’ve also asked that Redmond EMS be on standby to provide evacuation resources.  Marty Robinson has a team of 14 Redmond EMS members and three ambulances prepared to deploy to south Florida when and if needed.  I hope you’ll keep Frankie, our corporate team and the people of South Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas in your prayers.  And I know you’re proud, as I am, of the service Redmond EMS provides locally and beyond and the increased role HCA is asking them to play in emergencies well beyond our region.  This speaks the their record of effectiveness and selfless service.  “