Floyd County Chief Magistrate Judge Gene Richardson has been sued on allegations he discriminated against the chief constable.

Thometrice Roberson, wife of Floyd County Sheriff candidate Dave Roberson, alleges that Richardson repeatedly used racially derogatory terms to describe other employees, as well as regularly using abusive language.  

Roberson stated that the harassment started in 2012.

She continued to state that Richardson “unjustly terminated her employment” after attempting to fire her on numerous occasions for reasons that he overlooked in white employees.

The suit comes after a July order that abolished the constable position, which goes into effect September 1.

The Floyd County Commission approved Richardson’s request to transfer the positions to the Floyd County  Sheriff’s Office, however, with her husband working there she could not be employed at the SO because of the nepotism rule.

Roberson had already filed a complaint against Richardson with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Roberson said, “I believe I am being discriminated against because I am a black female.” She stated that she was the subject of harassment that was not given to white male employees.