A fifty-year-old Summerville woman was charged over the weekend after she allegedly made threats and attempted to cut a man with a knife.

The incident happened early on Saturday morning on Rainbow Trail in Summerville when Chris Moore reported to police that Angela Adams showed up to his house with a knife around 2:30 AM.  Moore told police that Adams had been sending him threatening texts and had left threatening voice messages.  Moore said he woke up to hear Adams beating on his window and yelling for him to come outside.  Adams was reportedly beating on the window with a red-handled knife. When Moore went outside to confront Adams he said that she tried to cut him.

Police found Adams on Kelly street and she gave the officers a false name.  Police say that it was evident that Adams was intoxicated.  Adams denied being on Moore’s property and denied that she had a knife.

Officers escorted Adams to the Chattooga County Jail where a red-handled knife was found inside her bra.

Adams was charged with aggravated assault, crossing a guard line with a weapon, giving a false name, obstruction of an officer and public intoxication.

From AM 1180