Summerville police arrested 17 year-old Samantha Hodge this week after she allegedly yelled at her parents.

Reports said that officers were dispatched to a home on West First Avenue due to a dispute between family members. Officers stated that when they arrived on scene they found Hodge distraught and screaming at her parents.

“She stated that she was on her laptop talking to her boyfriend and her parents advised her not to go outside and she did so anyway. This angered her mother and the argument began outside. At some point during the argument, [Heather Massey] grabbed the laptop and slammed it on the ground. Ms. Massey stated that she paid for the laptop. This angered Hodge further and she continued to scream. Mr. Massey turned over cell phone video evidence of Ms. Hodge continually screaming profanities and threatening her parents in front of the two minor children,” Officer Stricklin stated.

Hogue was arrested for disorderly conduct, according to jail reports.