The Red Cross of Georgia has named Leigh Brock-Barba as Executive Director for the American Red Cross of Northwest Georgia. Brock-Barba will lead a team of talented staff and volunteers in providing Red Cross services to 800,000 people across 14 counties.

Last year, the Red Cross of Northwest Georgia helped Georgia’s Red Cross provide disaster assistance for 15,596 families; teach First Aid/CPR/AED and preparedness classes to 53,348 people; provide emergency casework services for 24,514 members of the military; install 13,390 free smoke alarms in homes that needed them and collect 201,437 units of life-saving blood.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have Leigh Brock-Barba join our compassionate staff and volunteers,” said Jennifer Pipa, CEO for Georgia’s Red Cross. “She is a humanitarian at heart—and her extraordinary dedication to service makes her a valued asset to our leadership team.”
On June 3 rd , Brock-Barba began her first full week on the job at the Northwest Georgia office in Rome; and she is marking the start of her new position by donating blood.

“Just one donation of blood can help save up to three lives; but only three out of 100 people in the U.S. donate blood.” said Brock-Barba, who most recently served as Director of Marketing and Communication for Emilia Imports Company, in Rome. “I encourage all eligible donors to roll up a sleeve and give during these critical summer months.”