Information has been released regarding the termination of Cory Nix as the head football coach at Gordon Central High School.

According to reports, Nix had numerous complaints against him regarding his behavior around students and other coaches.

Despite Nix posting on his personal Facebook page that he was blindsided by being forced to resign he had been in talks with the Georgia Professional Standards Commission about his behavior prior to his departure.

The complaints stem from his first year as coach of the Warriors, 2017-2018.

According to the GPSC, a complaint was sent about Nix in January 2018, concerning his alleged use of profanity and degrading remarks to students.  The GPSC remanded the case back to the school system for investigation.

According to the report, “The Educator was witnessed by students and another coach using profanity during football practices and games. The educator admitted to the use of foul language throughout the football season in front of students but denied directing profanity at the students. However, a coach heard the educator call one student a pussy and a piece of shit. He also called a particular student a son of a bitch before later apologizing to the student’s guardian.”

Reports added that witnesses reported that Nix also used profanity on a regular basis telling them “Get the fuck off the field” or saying the words “fuck” or “ass”.

According to the probable cause case file, the Standard, Rules or Laws in the Complaint used that could have been violated included: PSC Rule 505-6-.01 (3b): “The educator failed to maintain a professional relationship with all students, both in and outside the classroom, by committing any act of child abuse, including physical and verbal abuse; committing any act of cruelty to children or any act of child endangerment; and engaging in or permitting harassment of or misconduct toward a student that would violate a state or federal law. PSC Rule 505-6-.01 (3J): “The educator failed to demonstrate conduct that follows generally recognized professional standards and preserves the dignity and integrity of the education profession. Unethical conduct includes but is not limited to any conduct that impairs and/or diminishes the certificate holder’s ability to function professionally in his or her employment position, or behavior or conduct that is detrimental to the health, welfare, discipline, or morals of students.”

Following the school’s findings the results were turned over to the GPSC, which initiated their investigation.

Their investigation revealed that Nix did use profanity on a regular basis in both football practice and games.  It was also discovered that he used degrading remarks towards students/players.  Five students were interviewed.  In the report it stated that the students said that Nix called players “pussy” as well as using the “f” word on a regular basis.

One student reported that Nix called them a “sorry piece of shit”.  He also said that Nix would ask his coaches “are ya’ll fucking stupid” while in front of players.

The coach said that he felt that Nix had the players’ best interest at heart and goes above and beyond for them.

In a written statement provided by Nix during the investigation, he said that he felt as though he failed his kids and assistant coaches by using foul language.

In a letter of direction from the school system Nix was directed to issue an apology to the football team and directed not to use this type of language any further as an employee and coach.

Nix stated that over the next 11 months he implemented multiple positive changes on his players and students at Gordon Central.

Nix also contacted the PSC investigator and discussed his role at the school. Nix admitted several times that he had used curse words in front of students, but denied directing the profanity towards students.

After finishing the investigation the GaPSC filed a consent order after an agreement between all parties was reached, Nix’s teaching certificate was suspended for eight days from April 12- April 23 2019.

The probable cause case against Nix also had a companion case, which belonged to former Gordon Central Defensive Coordinator Matt Williams.  His case resulted in a certificate suspension from October 1 2018 to October 12, 2018.   Williams was not teaching during the past school year.

The Gordon Gazette contributed to this report.