The GHSA announced this week that the state’s high school football championship games will be moved from Mercedes-Benz Stadium to Georgia State Stadium.

The games will be played on December 13 and 14th.

The GHSA cited that cost of renting the stadium as reason for the move.

Georgia State Stadium, the former Braves stadium, was rebuilt for football, and it has been the site of high school football games put on by the Corky Kell Classic.

The seating for the new stadium is much less than what the Benz held. Georgia State’s field seats 24,333 compared to 71,000 of Mercedes-Benz.

The GHSA paid close to $600,000 for the two-day rental of the state’s title games last year.

The Georgia Dome, which staged the finals from 2008 through 2016, charged about half that. 

The price tag for Georgia State was not immediately announced.