Credit Unions are a great choice for almost any financial product or service an individual or business might need. They are especially good places to go for a mortgage. Here are the top three reasons why.

1. Face-to-face contact if there are any problems

One of the advantages in getting a mortgage from your credit union is that you can go to a branch if there are any problems during the application process.

The mortgage process is incredibly complex. There are numerous opportunities for something to go wrong along the way. Though lenders often try to fix these problems by phone, email or costly overnight mail, the best solution is often face-to-face contact.

You can do that with your credit union because we have local branches. Experts are on site to guide you through every step of the process. Online mortgage lenders in particular are 100 percent web based. There’s no physical location to go to. If things get really messy—and they can—a face-to-face meeting is often the best way to fix it.

2. Attractive mortgage terms with a customized approach

Your situation is unique, and credit unions are great at making sure the process is customized to you. Because of its not-for-profit status and focus on member-owners, your credit union is able to offer attractive mortgage terms as compared to other types of lenders.  Credit unions have the freedom to handle each case uniquely, working with all credit scores and waiving penalties for loan prepayments. Best of all, you won’t see any intangible taxes.

3. Access to other financial services

In today’s world, it often seems as if we’re dealing with dozens of different vendors for every individual need we have. But when it comes to banking, it’s often a major advantage to have several services from a single provider. A credit union can provide that in a way that a mortgage banker, broker or online mortgage source can’t. Applying for a mortgage through a credit union you already have an account relationship with is generally much easier and less complicated than going to a third-party and starting from scratch.

If you’re in the market for a mortgage, don’t forget to check with your credit union to see how rates compare. You may just find that it’s a much less expensive, easier and friendlier process than an online lender or mortgage broker.