Rome High School recently recognized all students who successful completed their Career, Technical, Agricultural and Educational (CTAE) Pathways. These seniors were honored during a special celebration ceremony in the school’s gymnasium where students received their chords for graduation.

RCS School Board members, Central Office staff, family and friends gathered to show their support for students who had worked so hard and many who will graduate career ready.

Holly Amerman, Rome City School’s CEO of Rome City Schools’ College and Career Academy and CTAE Director, welcomed all students and parents who were in attendance.

Rome High students Karol Viniegra Oliva (Teaching) and Brenden Smothers (Engineering) then spoke to the crowd about their positive experiences during their time in the College and Career Academy (CCA), as well as
what they hope to achieve in the future.

“Being a part of the teaching as a profession pathway has taught me the values of education and the dedication of teachers to their students. In this pathway, we have learned how to inspire and motivate the youth of
tomorrow. I am glad I chose to take this pathway. It is a great way to help me further my education as a future teacher,” said Viniegra Oliva during her speech.

Smothers expressed the same thoughts. During his speech he said, “Engineering, in short, is what I call complicated fun. It taught me basic things like problem solving, how to think critically and how to work with a
team. As much fun as it was, it wasn’t the countless projects that made it enjoyable. It was the fact that every time I walked into that room, I felt like I had a place. That I had a spot just for me. Everyone else felt the same
thing, too.”

After the two students’ speeches, Rome High School Assistant Principal, Amber Wright announced all recipients of the CTAE chords, as each teacher from the respective class presented them to the students.

The College and Career Academy CTAE Pathway classes that were recognized were:
-Audio, Video, Technology and Film with Mike Beavers
-Animation and Digital Media with Mike Beavers

-Broadcast Video Production with Mike Beavers
-Business and Technology with Jane Moore
-AP Computer Science with Randy Stafford
-JROTC Air Force with Sargent Keith Thrash and Colonel Seaborn Whatley
-Allied Health and Medicine with Melissa Green
-Patient Care with Abra Gordon
-Cosmetology with Amber Wright
-Nutrition and Food Science with Karen Hayes and Jennifer Stephens
-Engineering with Scott Hanson
-Teaching with Tenesia Eanes
-Entrepreneurship with Kim Nichols
-Programming with Kim Nichols
-Graphic Design with Kenneth Humphries

In closing, Dr. Eric Holland, RHS Principal, made a few remarks about the senior class and their dedication to education. The pride that he has in his students as they received their chords for graduation in May was evident
when he spoke about their accomplishments.