Earlier this week executive personnel of ‘Dirty Dog’s Car Wash’ in Calhoun hosted a cook out for members of the Sheriff’s jail staff in appreciation for their service. The event was planned and held after Dirty Dogs representatives called the sheriff and offered to host the cookout several weeks ago. Mr. Martin Emmett and Mr. Yeovany Perez both expressed their gratitude to the jail officers and all of the sheriff’s employees for their services to the people of Calhoun and Gordon County, performing a challenging and sometimes dangerous job. Sheriff Ralston said that he truly appreciated the hospitality and support of Dirty Dogs and that the business and it’s employees are a credit to our community. Sheriff Ralston also thanked the Board of Commissioners for allowing the event to be held at the Resaca Battlefield Park and Battlefield Building Supply for the use of their BBQ grill.

Left to right (standing at table): Jailor Richie Anderson; (seated at front table) Jailor Brett Nesbitt, Jailor Austin Cook, Jailor Storm Carnes, Jailor Kady McGuire; (standing behind tables) Ms. Davina Pultz, Mr. Martin Emmett, Mrs. Nikki Ralson, Sheriff Mitch Ralston, Mr. Yeovany Perez, Uncle Tio, Kevin Carraway, and Mr. Greg Keyes; (seated at rear table) Jailor Chris Angel, Lieutenant John Vick, Sergeant Cody Baldwin, and Sergeant Daniel Sheriff.