A new exhibit showcasing the work of Harbin Clinic physicians and employees will be unveiled at the Harbin Clinic Gallery at Makervillage located at 252 N 5th Ave. in the River Arts District of Rome.

The exhibit, entitled Healthy Expressions, will have its grand opening on Thursday, May 9th from 6:30 to 8 p.m., and highlights the healing nature of creative expression.

“The Harbin Clinic Gallery at Makervillage was influenced by our appreciation for the therapeutic benefits of art and creative expression,” says Kenna Stock, Harbin Clinic CEO. “Art in all its forms is meant to be enjoyed, but the health benefits can be significant.”

Being creative and enjoying the expressive works of others through art, writing, music, acting or dance has been shown to elevate mood and reduce stress and anxiety, which can help with physical considerations such as vascular health, heart health and the strength of the immune system.

Creative expression can also help with cognitive skills and emotional health. Research shows that painting and drawing can help dementia patients recall memories and reconnect with their lives, while writing and music can be therapeutic for trauma patients.

“Creativity is important for an integrative approach to improving health,” says Harbin Clinic Radiation Oncologist Dr. Matthew Mumber. “The same can be said for healthcare providers; being able to tap into our creativity has positive impacts on the care we provide our patients.”

“In discussing the benefits of creative expression, we began to notice that we have a lot of creativity within our own Harbin Clinic family of physicians and employees,” Stock noted. “We realized that an exhibit of their works and stories of how their hobbies enrich their lives was a great way to demonstrate our support for the arts.”

The Healthy Expressions exhibit will feature art and crafts by Harbin Clinic physicians and employees including:

The Healthy Expressions exhibit will feature art and crafts by Harbin Clinic doctors and employees including:

Dr. John Cowan, Jr, Neurosurgery Rome    

Dr. Kenneth Davis, Administration    

Dr. Richard Donadio, Spine & Pain Management Rome    

Dr. Christopher Knitig, Family Medicine Cartersville    

Dr. Gregory McDonald, General Surgery Cartersville    

Dr. Matthew Mumber, Radiation Oncology Rome    

Dr. Jonathan Pewitt, Dermatology Rome    

Dr. Charles Pesson, Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Cartersville    

Michelle Broderson, Lab Rome    

Lorie Carter-Poole, Pulmonary Medicine Rome    

Kathi Causby, Family Medicine Calhoun    

Lyn Everett, ENT & Allergy Rome    

Maggie DeBarros, Administration 

Russ Faulkner, Vascular Surgery Rome    

Diatrice Fowler, Rheumatology Cartersville    

Andrea Gibson, Lab Rome    

Lauren Jones Hillman, Administration  

Heather Kelly, Administration    

Jennah Linskey, Nephrology Cartersville

Miriam Little, Medical Oncology Rome

Haley Loper, Rheumatology Cartersville

Jayta Long, Central Business Office

Nicole Magnuson, Sleep Center Rome

Stacy McDaniel, Vascular Lab Rome

Cierra Pitts, Cardiology Rome

Tribb Robison, Information Technology Services

Tammie Walker, Family Medicine Cedartown