Armuchee Middle School took home the team title in the 2019 Floyd County Schools Middle School Math Competition. The annual academic competition was held on Wednesday, April 3 at the Rome-Floyd County Library with teams of sixth, seventh, and eighth-graders competing from each middle school in the Floyd County school system. The competition recognized the top three individual winners at each grade level, grade-level team winners for the spring competition, grade-level team winners for the entire year, and the overall winning middle school.

The math competition is held in two parts each year with the first session taking place in the fall, and the concluding event held during the spring. The scores from the two competitions are combined to determine the grade-level winners and overall school winners. Individual scores, however, do not carry over from the fall to spring competition. Individual awards are presented for first, second, and third place in both fall and spring. The math championship consists of three rounds. In the first round, each student takes a written test consisting of 25 problems that are worth a possible 25 points. The second round is a ciphering competition with students racing to answer questions. Correctly answered questions within the first 30 seconds are awarded three points for each problem. Correct answers between 31 and 60 seconds are worth two points; questions answered between 61 and 90 seconds are worth one point. The math competitors are challenged with a total of ten ciphering problems in the round. The final round consists of team problem solving where all students from each school join with others in their grade-level to answer 10 brain teaser questions. The last round’s questions were worth 10 points each.

Content for the written test and the ciphering is based on standards addressed during the year for each grade level. The questions used for the written test and ciphering were grade specific. For the brain teasers, the same questions were used for all grades.

Competition results:

  • Individual winners
    • Sixth Grade (pictured left to right)
      • 1st Place – John Hullander- MMS
      • 2nd Place – (tie) Peyton Mink- CMS and Elan McClain-AMS
      • 3rd Place – (tie) Chloe Crowe- AMS and Tristan White (CMS)