Rome City Commissioners approved an intergovernmental agreement with Floyd County that will make way for a new way of economic development in the county.

The agreement comes after both City and County Commissioners removed the power for economic development from the Rome Floyd Chamber of Commerce.

The move will now shift control of recruiting new industry from the Chamber to the Rome-Floyd County Development Authority.

The only “no” vote was done by Commissioner Evie McNiece.

However, Commissioner Wendy Davis, who was not there issued the following statement, “I am disappointed that the city commission likely is moving forward with a vote on the MOU regarding economic development. I joined the caucus via phone. We only received notice of the vote and document late on Friday afternoon. Like the vote in January, we are being asked to approve a thrown together budget with no details and NO CLEAR PLAN for the operation of this new agency. If I was there, I would vote NO. “

To view the agreement click the link below