The Georgia Senate again revamped the pay raise for teachers this week.  The State Appropriations Committee agreed to give the originally proposed $3,000 raise to the state’s teachers, with the exception that the raise goes into effect September 1 instead of July 1.

The budget will also call for a raise for all certified staffers such as counselors and school psychologist.

Georgia’s house had lowered the $3,000 to $2,775 because the original plan did not include psychologist, counselors, media specialist, social workers, speech and language pathologist and instructional technologist.

The new start date will allow the state to save tens of millions of dollars, thus allowing the full raise to every employee.

The Senate is expected to approve the budget in the next few days after negotiations with the House is finalized.   The budget must be approved by April 2nd.

Gov. Brian Kemp has repeatedly said that his goal is for all teachers to get a $5,000 raise, with this only being a down payment.