The Georgia Department of Transportation announces a new traffic signal on US 41 northbound ramp at Hwy 61 in Bartow County is scheduled to be fully operational on Monday, April 1 mid-morning, weather permitting.

“Once this signal is operational, be cautious until you get familiar with the changes. Remember, other drivers may be surprised by the new signal, so give yourself plenty of space between you and the driver in front of you,” said Grant Waldrop, district engineer at Georgia DOT office in White.

Georgia DOT kindly reminds motorists how to react if they encounter a malfunctioning traffic signal.  Motorists should proceed with caution if they are facing a flashing yellow light and yield to vehicles and pedestrians who are already in the intersection.  A flashing red light means motorists should come to a complete stop, just like at a stop sign.  If power is out and the traffic signals are off please treat the intersection as an all-way stop.  When it is safe to do so, please call 511 to report the malfunction to GDOT.