The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office was gifted Brew, a Belgian Malinois, by the
Franklin County Sheriff’s Office in Florida to be our newest K9 Deputy. This kind gesture was done in response to our assistance during the aftermath of Hurricane Michael with the Rome Georgia Cares project.

Deputy Chris Snyder, with whom Brew is partnered, and Deputy Jimmy Allred went to Franklin County and picked Brew up.

Brew and Deputy Snyder attended K9 training in Savannah, Ga hosted by the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office where they graduated in early February of 2019 with Basic Narcotic Handler’s Certification from the
North American Police Work Dog Association. Brew is now certified to search for narcotics, which will undoubtedly be useful while working in Field Operations with Deputy Snyder. He can locate Marijuana, Methamphetamine, Crack Cocaine, Cocaine, Brown Tar Heroin, and Black Tar Heroin that is either still present or was recently present in an area.
Brew lives at home with Deputy Snyder and is described as very social and friendly.

“He loves my wife and daughter”, says Snyder, who also tells us that as soon as Brew’s work collar goes on, he goes and sits by the door, ready for the work day to begin. A typical day will see Brew get work on Obedience Training for an hour. Normally, this is broken down into sessions throughout the day so that Brew doesn’t over-whelmed.
Deputy Snyder has been with the Sheriff’s Office for nine years and prior to that served in the United States military as a Marine for ten years. He has been assigned to the Warrant Division for approximately seven