The Town of Trion recently announced a “spring cleaning bliz” that is aimed to “clean and beautify the community. If community memebers fail to clean their yards they could face major fines.

The Trion Police Department along with the Chattooga County Animal Control will be visting every neighborhood in the city to look at residences.  Trion officials have “challenged” the community to beat them to the “Bliz” by voluntary cleaning up their neighborhoods.

The goals that the town listed were:  

1. Animals properly cared for and housed in proper pens, not running loose or tethered because of the great number of dogs that we have running at large. We will be very aggressive in enforcing penalties and fine.

2: Front porches and yards to be cleaned and free of used appliances and other debires. Proper 33 gallon garbage containers should be used, as well.

3: Junk vehicles are to be removed as well as other types of scrap metal and debris.

“It is our hope that you will take pride in your neighborhoods and do your part. This letter will be considered a warning, when we come around there will be tickets issued for noncompliance. First violations start at $100 per violation per day. We would strongly encourage you to take action before Enforcement Action has to be taken,” Police Chief David Gilleland. 

A letter was sent to all residents stating that the letter was serving as the warning. Anyone found in violation will be issued a $100 fine per violation per day.