Rome High School administrators and teachers welcomed guests to the school’s theater where the 2019 Valedictorian, Salutatorian, and STAR Students and Teachers were announced.

Nigara Nizamidan was named Valedictorian for the class of 2019 and Caroline Young will serve as Salutatorian for a class that both said was extremely competitive.

“This feels really amazing,” said Nizamidan. “Our class is crazy smart, so that is why I am so honored. There was a lot of studying involved, a lot of preparation, a lot of study groups and hard work. My parents were also a huge part of my success. They have always told me that there was nothing I could not achieve. They always set the bar very high. They told me that to get what I wanted from an education was all up to me and was a direct result of how much I wanted to learn.”

Caroline Young had similar thoughts about being named Salutatorian of the class of 2019. “It feels really good to have the work I have done here at Rome High School validated,” Young smiled. “Our class is super-competitive and everyone is so smart. After all of the long nights of studying, it is nice to have it all pay off.”

Nizamidan’s parents remember the nights their daughter dug in and studied hard to make the grade. Nizaidin Jappar and Rizwan Ahmet (father and mother) were on hand to see this announcement and take in the moment with their daughter who had worked so hard. Also in attendance were Joe and Mirna Young, parents of Caroline Young.

Rome High also took this opportunity to announce the STAR Students and Teachers for 2019.

This year’s honors go to:

Nigara Nizamidan – STAR Teacher: Sarah Brown, CPA Physics and Astronomy

Sophie Sebuh – STAR Teacher: Eli Jackson, AP Human Geography and World History

Brianna Cadle – STAR Teacher: Randy Stafford, AP Physics and Computer Science

“This is my 19th year teaching and these five students are some of the smartest and most intelligent I have ever had the pleasure of knowing,” said Dr. Eric Holland, Rome High Principal. “They are also the most respectful and engaging kids I have ever had a conversation with. They will talk with you about anything. I like that they have learned to be open to conversation and are able to voice their opinion in a very respectful manner.”

Dr. Holland went on to say that he was also very proud of the STAR teachers because they have been recognized for being an inspiration to some of the school’s most academically capable students.

“That is what we set out to accomplish here at Rome High, every single day. We want to push our students academically so that they can experience this moment and so that their parents can experience this moment,” Dr. Holland said with a satisfied smile. “This is the day we set aside so that they can see all of their hard work finally pay off.”

And in true Dr. Holland fashion, he finishes his comments with one of his most popular phrases. “I am just peacock-proud and honeymoon-happy to be able to recognize these outstanding students and their families.”