Lake levels are on the rise and those with campers or property around Weiss Lake that may be affected by the rising waters may want to take action as soon as possible to protect your belongings.

Bear in mind, boats may need to be removed from boathouses to prevent damage from logs entering the structure and to keep the boats from striking the roof and suffer damage, if the water rises to that extreme.  Of course, we’ve seen flooded campers in the past as the result of similar weather – which can run into big money. 

North Alabama has experienced a great deal of rainfall over the past days – and a great deal more is on the way according to the National Weather Service.  They’re saying an additional two to four inches of rain will be possible for a total rain amount exceeding six inches.

Here at WEIS Radio, we’ve measured more than five-and-a-half inches of rainfall in the past five days – that’s as of 7:00am Wednesday.

A Flood Watch remains in effect until early Friday morning (February 22nd).

On Tuesday at 6:45am the Lake level was at 561’ 11” / at 5:45pm it was at 562’ 7”

This morning (Wednesday) at 6:00 Lake level was 563’ 6”

Full Pool is 564’ – so we’re almost there.

Again, we urge all those with property of any sort in the Easement Area around Weiss Lake to take proper precautions and protect yourself against loss as soon as possible.

From WEIS radio

If you know anyone that lives out of town, but owns property locally that may be at risk, we urge you to contact them and make them aware of the situation.