Floyd County School District (FCS) was notified by the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) of a confirmed case of active tuberculosis (TB) at Model Elementary and Johnson Elementary. Letters from DPH will be going home to all MES and JES families with more details and plans of action today.

While this may be a cause of concern, the risk of becoming infected with TB is low. General information about TB from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is attached.

The Floyd County Health Department understands FCS’ concerns. This is a statement from Dr. Unini Odama, Health Director for the DPH Northwest Health District, which includes Floyd County:

We are working with FCS officials to identify and test individuals at risk of exposure to TB based on guidelines issued by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. We are confident that actions by school officials and Floyd Medical Center are guarding the health of the students, staff, and public. The confirmed TB cases are being treated at home and do not present a danger to others.
Any additional questions about tuberculosis should be directed to DPH at 706-295-6123.