A sixty-three-year-old Alabama woman told Summerville Police Officers that she had consumed fourteen bottles of tequila so that she would “have enough nerve to drive.”

Deborah Combs was caught driving intoxicated on Monday and when other drivers were calling in complaints about a white SUV that was driving erratically.  When Summerville Police Officers pulled the vehicle over, they found Combs “heavily intoxicated.”

Officers attempted to read Ms. Combs her rights and repeated them 29 times because Combs kept telling officers she didn’t understand them.  At one point while being arrested, Ms. Combs asked officers if she could “do the hokey-pokey”.  She also “jokingly” told officers that cash found in her vehicle was “from a drug deal.”

Combs was arrested for DUI and booked into the Chattooga County Jail.

From AM 1180