One in every eight Mohawk employees around the globe has 25 or more years of service or more with the company.


That’s more than 5,100 outstanding and dedicated team members whose commitment to excellence have helped make the Company what it is today. In Gordon County, 29 individuals who work at the company’s corporate headquarters, Calhoun flooring center and manufacturing facilities throughout Gordon County joined this distinguished group by reaching their 25-year service milestone in 2018.


“At Mohawk, we like to say it takes great people to make great products, because we know it’s our people who make us the industry’s preferred provider,” Senior Vice President of Human Resources Phil Brown said. “We are incredibly fortunate to have so many long-tenured employees who are dedicated to the company and, in many cases, have helped shape the organization’s culture. We appreciate all that each of them has done over the years and all that they continue to do to make Mohawk successful.”


Each year in northwest Georgia where about half of the company’s 21,000 U.S. employees work, Mohawk celebrates the contributions of individuals with 25 or more years of service. Silver Circle banquets are held throughout the region at the end of the year to recognize this exceptional group’s contributions and commitment to the company. New Gordon County members include the following:


  • Aaron Painter
  • Anthony Gregory
  • Christopher Hightower
  • David Gibson
  • Deborah Moss
  • Diana Hutchens
  • Doug Ensley
  • Duane Thurman
  • Frank Boykin
  • Gary Hubbard
  • James Jett
  • John Hagan
  • Kelly Morrison
  • Kimberly Callahan
  • Lisa Baldwin
  • Lisa Mckissick
  • Marie Spell
  • Michael Conner
  • Michael Greeson
  • Michael Sethna
  • Nikki Robinson
  • Renee Brown
  • Ronnie Duckett
  • Sheila Black
  • Sheila Hampton
  • Sherry J Presley
  • Stacie Gilbert
  • Teresa Quarles
  • Wayne Beason


Hundreds of current and former employee across the region attended Silver Circle banquets this year to celebrate these individuals and their accomplishments. Employee recognition, community involvement, world-class safety standards, award-winning training, customizable benefits packages and a nationally recognized apprenticeship program are all part of Mohawk’s holistic value proposition for employees. To learn more about the company’s employment opportunities visit