Gov Brian Kemp said Thursday that he is wanting to live up to his word while recommending that all Georgia teachers be given a $3,000 raise and state employees a 2 percent pay hike.

The move, if approved by Georgia lawmakers, will increase the pay of over 200,000 Georgians.

Kemp had said that he would like to give $5,000 to teachers, but budget writers expressed concerns on the amount.

If approved, the raise would be for fiscal 2020, which begins July 1.

Governor Kemp said that the raise to educators is needed due to so many teachers leaving the profession within their first five years on the job.

The $3,000 raise would cost about $418 million, according to an estimate by the Georgia Budget & Policy Institute.

All 2,294 public schools in the state would receive $30,000 to implement school security.