According to a report released this week by Cartersville Police, an officer was dispatched to Parkway North on Joe Frank Harris Parkway on January 15th at around 3:20 p.m. in reference to a physical altercation. The officer observed a black male sitting on the ground with blood on his hands and face as well as the ground surrounding and underneath him. His wrist was swollen, bloody, and bruised.

The man advised that he had been attacked by another black male and his girlfriend with scissors, a chair, and their hands and feet. The officer observed a pair of scissors that were broken and missing a blade.

51-year-old Denise Bowman stated she attempted to separate the man and 33-year-old Markeith Lucious while they were fighting. When the altercation was over, Lucious left walking towards McDonald’s.

Surveillance footage showed Lucious initiating a fight with the man, subsequently throwing a plastic chair towards him, and obtaining an unidentified object from Bowman’s vehicle that he used to punch and slash the man with. After the man fell to the ground, Bowman kicked him with steel-toed boots repeatedly on the face.

Denise Bowman was arrested and charged with battery. Markeith Lucious was booked into the Bartow County Jail on January 17th for aggravated assault and felony violation of probation.

From WBHF radio