A woman was hit by a car during an attempt to avoid repossession.  A man stated that he went to Ameri-Mart behind Chevron on Burnt Hickory Road in Cartersville that night to repossess a black 1992 Chevy Corvette from 55-year-old Robert Seaman Junior. The man had the Corvette on his tow truck boom and allowed Seaman to get his belongings out of the car.

Seaman got into the Corvette, locked the doors, turned the car on, put the car in drive, and drove off the tow truck boom, striking a woman and pinning her and three other people against a burgundy 2007 Ford F-250 SuperCab. Seaman then drove out of the parking lot and headed west on Mission Road.

The woman was on the scene to help her brother with the repo. Metro EMS transported her to Cartersville Medical Center for her injuries. No life threatening injuries were reported.

The other three people were not injured.

The pickup only sustained a cracked taillight.

Officers relocated to Seaman’s residence on Adams Chapel Road in Cartersville. He said none of the repo people identified themselves and said he didn’t want the Corvette taken because it was all that he had. Seaman said he left slowly because he didn’t want to ruin his car and denied that he hit anyone. He also said that while he was in his car, someone drew a gun at him. That statement was not corroborated by anyone.

Robert Seaman Junior was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault, criminal damage to property in the first degree, criminal damage to property in the second degree, and failure to report an accident resulting in injury or property damage.

From WBHF radio