Now through January 3, 2019 the Rome Police Department and Georgia State Patrol Post 38 will partner together as part of the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety’s Operation Zero Tolerance program. This is a nationwide law enforcement crackdown on alcohol and drug impaired drivers. The traffic volume will be significantly increased during the holiday travel period, and celebrating will be a top priority for party-goers.

All too often, innocent citizens suffer tragic consequences such as the loss of loved ones due to the careless disregard of human life by others. The Rome Police Department and GSP Post 38 together are committed to creating a safer holiday for all travelers. We are intensifying enforcement during the holiday period. Since more alcohol/drug related crashes happen during holiday periods and they are more likely to occur at night, we will be especially vigilant during these high-risk times.

In Georgia, alcohol and drug related crashes result in the deaths of nearly 500 people every year. In addition, the estimated loss averages $73,000 per injured survivor and $2.9 million per fatality. The goal of the campaign is relatively simple: to decrease incidents of death and injury on Georgia’s roadways.

We will do our part, however it takes community support to make a difference. You can help support the program by making responsible decisions about not driving impaired, you can speak out to friends and familywho may be making the wrong decision, and you can notify law enforcement if you spot an impaired driver on the roadways.

If the community works together to spread the word and change behavior related to impaired driving, we can all help stop the rising total of unnecessary crashes, injuries, and deaths on our roadways. Let’s all work together to have a safe holiday travel period for everyone in Rome and Floyd County.