On Tuesday, November 13, Rome High School announced their nominees for the prestigious Governor’s Honors Program that takes place on Berry College’s campus every summer from mid-June to around mid-July.

With the program in its 56th session this summer, the competition is as stiff as it has ever been. No one quite understands the challenging application process, except for 10 outstanding Rome High School students who were just named nominees.

Rome High School’s Governor’s Honors Program Coordinator, Melody Burse, was beyond excited to announce the nominees for the program. “It is a strenuous process, but our students are incredible. This is such an honor for them to be recognized by the GHP,” said Burse.

Burse explained Governor’s Honors as a rigorous program. “The instruction is completely different from a regular high school classroom. Classes are designed to provide students with various academic, cultural and social enrichment. The classes and activities are also designed to develop our next generation of global leaders, critical thinkers and innovators. It is very different, but students truly enjoy it,” said Burse.

For students to participate in the Governor’s Honors Program, educators looked for talented students who were very passionate about the areas in which they have been selected.

Last year, Rome High had the privilege of sending two students as finalists to participate in the Governor’s Honors Program.

“To select our 10 nominees, we asked our teachers to recommend several of their students who excelled in specific areas,” explained Burse. “We had 22 students who were selected from that process. Those 22 students then went through a local interview process, with a panel of interviewers who traveled to RHS from the various surrounding colleges. They all serve on the GHP panel. This is how we came up with our final 10.”

These Rome High students will move on to the next step in the application process for the Governor Honors Program.

The following students were recognized for being named Rome High School’s 2019 Governor’s Honors Program Nominees:

-Shelby Wilder (Theater)

-Lillan Hubbard (Theater)

-Bronwyn Matlick (Social Studies)

-Ewan Parker (Social Studies)

-Miriam Fuller (Visual Arts)

-Cesar Cornejo-Lopez (Engineering)

-Jacob Bressette (Engineering)

-Carson Garrett (Mathematics)

-Daniel Vasandani (Science)

-Guillermo Ramirez-Sanchez (French)

Congrats to these Wolves for an outstanding achievement!