On the afternoon of Wednesday, November 14, the monthly staff meeting of school nurses who serve Rome City Schools was buzzing over a piece of much needed equipment for all of the clinics systemwide.

Students suffering from respiratory distress at school now have backup if they don’t have nebulizer with them. Each nurse was presented with a nebulizer, two packs of tubing and two single-dose units of Albuterol. The items were donated by Floyd Medical Center, which administers the school nurse program.

The absence of these machines has resulted in multiple ambulance calls to the schools over the years.

“We are always evaluating the equipment and resources that will enhance the care we give the students,” said School Nurse Supervisor, Paula White. “That starts by asking our nurses what they need and nebulizers were at the top of the list.”

Rome High Schools nurse Tiffany Jensen has treated two students suffering from asthma attacks and has required ambulance calls this school year. She is extremely relieved to have the equipment and medication they need to treat such instances immediately.

“I have an asthmatic child myself and having this machine in my clinic is going to be so impactful,” says Jensen. “Parents and students have a lot on their plates, so these devices don’t always make it to school. Because we have a nebulizer on hand, that is no longer a problem.”

The 2018-19 school year marks the first that every school in the system has its own nurse provided by Floyd, and the relationship is certainly appreciated by school officials.

The addition of these devices to each clinic certainly strengthens the safety and health of all the students at RCS, which helps administrators, teachers, students and parents to breathe easier.