It’s a tough world out there right now, which means it’s a particularly good time to be a credit union member. The latest stats indicate that credit unions save member households $207 a year over bank customers*–and that’s just an average! Coosa Valley Credit Union is no exception. Here are our top 5 ways that credit unions can save you money:

1. Credit card interest. Most Americans carry some amount of credit card debt, and a whole lot of them are paying high interest or being whacked with exorbitant fees. Even though recent legislation has ended most of the outright abuse on consumers by credit card companies and banks, many consumers are still paying way too much in interest. Our interest rates on credit cards are darn good, and we don’t charge balance transfer fees or cash advance fees. How about you? Are you carrying balances on a credit card with rates over 16% APR? Consider transferring your balance to a credit union card.

2. Loan interest rates. Besides credit cards, credit union loan rates are usually better than banks. Oftentimes, we come across people who don’t realize that they can refinance their existing loans to the credit union. If you have an auto loan, a home loan, or even an unsecured loan somewhere else, let your credit union quote you a rate. Or, check current rates. Refinancing is easy and is almost always worth your time. 3. Member discounts. Credit unions often offer members a host of discounts to other places, like Six Flags, Sprint, ADT and Tru-Stage Auto Insurance. Just sharing the love.

4. Checking fees. Many banks have ended their free checking product. Most credit unions, on the other hand, are not ending free checking. If you want a simple, straightforward checking account with no service fees or minimum balance, then a credit union will be your new BFF.

5. ATM fees. Did you realize that most credit unions have thousands of free ATMs around the country? That’s because they usually belong to common ATM networks. At Coosa Valley Credit Union, we’re part of the SUM ATM network, so before you leave town, find the surcharge-free ATM you can use by using the online search tool, or downloading the free SUM Mobile ATM Locator app.