Unity Christian School is excited to announce the launch of a multi‑phase technology initiative to convert the school’s entire technology interface for both students and faculty. The school’s
computer infrastructure is being converted from PC‑based to an Apple platform to enable the school to stay up‑to‑date with the latest technology innovations.

“We began research for this endeavor over a year ago with an audit of our current infrastructure and hardware. Our desire is to have world‑class I.T. infrastructure and technology options for our students
and teachers,” said Eric Munn, Head of School.

“Through a substantial gift to the school, we have been able to launch this initiative and take a huge step
towards reaching our goal.”

Here is an overview of some of the implementation steps:
● We are implementing Meraki internet switches and firewall, allowing us to achieve stable
high‑speed internet and have cloud‑based visibility and management of our internet
infrastructure in a single dashboard.
● We are implementing new gigabit speed internet for our entire building, allowing us to have
access to the highest speeds of internet available and capabilities to easily increase speeds as
technology improves over time.
● We have installed Meraki security cameras that will allow us to provide top‑notch security for
our students and staff, while being able to easily manage the system in our Meraki dashboard.
● Over this school year, we are upgrading all of our PC‑based computers to Apple computers and
Teachers have received Macbook Pros giving them the maximum flexibility to manage their
classrooms. They are all currently undergoing training to use the Google Suite and Apple operating
system. All students in grades 8‑12 will receive dedicated iPads during first quarter 2019 that will be
used in the classroom and at home. Elementary through 7th grade students will have iPads available for
classroom use to enhance their learning through technology.

“Once completed, Unity will be one of the most technologically advanced schools in our area. We will have the foundation in place to upgrade and enhance our systems as new technologies are introduced.
We are grateful to God for the support of our families as we take this important step into the future,” said Munn.

Along with the physical technology, Unity is training the students in digital citizenship. Unity already integrates a Biblical foundation into every academic class, and thus, shows how technology can be used
for building God’s kingdom.

“Technology is ever‑changing and Unity will continue to integrate technology into our pursuit of God’s plan,” said Munn. “The innovation provided by modern technology is providing Unity Christian School
with the momentum needed to advance its teaching capabilities and community involvement. “