Floyd County has hired Georgia Safe Sidewalks to help with the sidewalk project in the Riverside Community.  They should be onsite next week to begin work.  They will focus on trip and fall hazards on 6 of the roads for about 1 month – hopefully finishing before Thanksgiving.  All of the work will be on trip hazards less than 2”.  Floyd County will still need to replace broken sections and install handicap ramps after this work is complete.  According to Michael Skeen, Director of Public Works for Floyd County ‘This will expedite the project that we have been working on for 2 years.  After we did the audit and realized just 6 roads had more than 1,000 trip and fall hazards, we knew we needed help.’

The 6 roads include continuations on Ash and Dogwood and will include all of Elmwood, Hickory, Locust and Fir.

This is a continuation of the 2013 infrastructure SPLOST project earmarked for the Riverside Community.  Floyd County has completed work on a portion of Ash, Beech, Dogwood and Chatillon – not only with eliminating trip hazards but we replaced broken sections and installed 31 handicap ramps.  The good news is, we still have funds in the 2013 SPLOST and will continue collections earmarked for Riverside in the most recent SPLOST vote in 2017.

Floyd County crews have been working back and forth in Riverside and Lindale.  Currently, we are working to connect the Park in Lindale to Pepperell High School along Van Tassle Drive.