Marvin Blackburn, 20, of Rome was arrested this week for being in possession of a stolen gun and drugs.

According to police, Blackburn fled on foot after police tried to perform a valid traffic stop. When attempting to fleeing on foot, Blackburn threw a firearm into the front yard on a house, thus endangering the safety of the public. The firearm was also later found to have been reported stolen.

Blackburn was also found to be in possession of marijuana bagged separately, a set of digital scales, and a box of sandwich bags.

Blackburn is charged with felony purchase, possession, manufacture, distribution, or sale of marijuana, felony theft by receiving stolen property, felony possession of a firearm or knife during the commission or attempt to commit certain felonies, possession and use of drug-related objects, possession of a concealed weapon, obstruction of law enforcement officers, and reckless conduct.